Monday, August 27, 2012

First Tri: Success?

Yeah, that's a question mark up there because I'm still wondering how one measures "success" in a triathlon. By winning? By placing? By kicking rear end with a stellar time? By doing better than you envisioned in all the long, hot, sweaty workouts leading up to the race?

If success is measured in those ways, I wouldn't count this race a success.

But maybe success just means finishing. Maybe it means setting the goal and then seeing it through. Maybe instead, success is simply enjoying the fact that it's OVER and now one can kick back and relax a little.

That sounds more comfortable to me.

Me, in all my swimming glory

The day started off at 10:00 a.m. when our little group met at a local state park. The beach was awesome; all sand and clear water. The swim was first: twenty minutes in the rather choppy water. I drank so much of the lake I didn't think I needed much of my bottled water on the cycling portion, which came next.

That was the best part of the entire race and I think it was the best time I've ever had while riding. The route was fairly flat with some gentle inclines, an out and back 15-miles. There wasn't as much traffic as I'd worried about and there's always a little breeze on the bike~much appreciated as the temps were in the high 80's.

Last came the 5K run. It was after 12:00 by the time the run started. So. Freaking. Hot. I had forgotten to eat my banana before the bike ride, and didn't have enough to drink (fastest ride ever means more sweat than usual=more need for fluids). Sadly, I realized after creeping jogging down the road that I'd forgotten my banana yet again. This time I was in trouble because I was getting seriously overheated and hadn't had anything to eat all day other than one piece of toast with PB at 8 a.m.


Needless to say it was one of, if not the absolute, worst runs of my life. I didn't even run it all, in fact, I walked most of the course. I started to feel really chilly and had goose bumps. My coach had me pull up my shirt and tuck my sleeves into my sports bra to cool of a bit more. When we finally made it back to the beach she plied me with water and a banana and took me right into the lake with my clothes on to cool off. That water felt frigid but was really warm like bath water.

After I finally started to feel normal again and everyone was done splishing and splashing, we all clambered back up to our picnic spot and enjoyed our lunches. My parents (so sweet!) had brought a Congratulations cake for everyone to share. I had little gifties all wrapped up and gave award ribbons in lieu of medals (one said, "Best Tooth Brusher!" another, "I'm Proud to Be Me!" and so on).

We raised close to $170 for Shared Hope International~awesome generosity of everyone was so appreciated!

It was a great day and those who participated have been asking if we'll do it again next year.

Who knows?


  1. Amazing! What a great story. You are a success -- you even created your own events. I think it's wonderful. Too bad about the missed banana, it might have made a difference. I've had those awful runs too and you stayed the course. Sounds like you have every reason to be proud.

    1. Thanks, Lucinda. Creating the event was one of the best parts! Wish you could make it to our next one~if indeed, there will be a next one. Thanks for your support and good wishes. I appreciate them and you!