Thursday, September 20, 2012

My 3 Year-Old Has More Patience

Sad but true; my three year-old has better waiting skills than me. Since The Peapod was small, I've tried to instill the value of waiting for things: most of the time this is related to food, like when we bake cookies but sample only one and save the rest for after dinner. Or when we borrow a movie at the library but wait until evening for the allotted TV time to watch it. He might hold the DVD in his hand, look at the pictures and ask questions about it, but rarely does he ask if we can watch it "right now." In fact, one day I offered to let him watch a DVD during the morning when I was trying to get some work done on the computer and he replied, "Mooooom, you know we don't watch that until after dinner!" As though I were trying to trip him up or something . . . geesh.
Mixed media on paper, 2011, aptly named, "Wander"
Yup, the kid has some self-control; I, on the other hand, am seriously lacking in that department.

I'm at that place (once again) where I feel panic bubbling beneath the surface. What should I do next in my career? I have a huge goal list and rarely are the tasks getting neat little check marks. Where am I headed? How will I ever fulfill the dreams I have if things don't start coming together? Am I being patient and "waiting on the Lord," or just spinning in place, inert and inefficient?

Another area of my life is also lacking right now: my spiritual life. Oh, I've been going through the motions, taking time in the morning for quiet, reading the Bible, prayer. But it all feels flat, empty. There's a sense of spiritual numbness and I can't help but see the correlation between this and the fact that my mind is going 125 mph most days, struggling to work out my future, wondering about what will happen, how I can MAKE things happen . . .

It was wonderful then, to come across this excellent post by The 1st Follower this morning, "When God Writes Your Story."

Read. Breathe. Pray. Let Go.

Repeat as needed.


  1. Hi Joy! I'm wondering, and I only ask because it has been so beneficial to me, if you have considered centering prayer? It is a quiet way to pray and quiet oneself down. If you want more information let me know and I'll send you something. We can try too hard to be spiritual, too hard to do the disciplines, too hard to hear God. Just a thought,

  2. I love the idea, Lucinda. I'll email you~thanks for the offer!

  3. It's amazing that your son already has learned patience. And he learned it from you, which is something you can be deeply proud of, because kids learn from what we do as well as what we say.
    In times of emptiness (and don't we all have long stretches of that?) I find that my prayer consists entirely of listening. It's a patience practice, for sure. It is also very restful and inspiring. Because you will, after a time, begin to hear a small, still voice engaging you.

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words, Quinn. I think listening is an important piece, you're right.